Detail Set for Revell Uboat VII in 1:72

AMP upgrade set for super-detailing


168 parts

AMP set 72-02 is a 168 piece photo-etched brass set designed to correct and improve Revell’s 1/72nd Type VIIC U-boat model kit. Our set consists of five deck sections, along with all the required deck details, to allow the entire deck to be replaced. Rather than rely upon inaccurate plans, we have taken great care to rely exclusively upon assessment of period photos to design the deck. Four flood pieces for the hull are also included.


Detail Set for Revell Type VII Uboat 1:72
72-02 1:72 Revell Type VII €39.95 + 7.95

We believe the AMP VIIC deck design to be the most accurate design to date on the market. The entire deck was designed solely using period photos of real Type VIICs by using a relative slot-to-feature system. More details of how we designed the deck can be found in our instructions. Click here to download instructions (PDF 2mb).

The AMP VIIC deck has several original features or improvements:

  • Correct slot sizes and distances between slots
  • The small round holes along the deck edges
  • The extra “dashed” lines of slots on the deck on either side of the tower
  • The anti-slip bumps on all the metal deck surfaces
  • All metal hatches are provided separately so that the slight gap around the hatch can be depicted
  • The small openings used for the torpedo loading apparatus
  • Corrected placement of hatches, bollards and deck details
  • An air identification plate (with authentic placement offset to port) with bolt heads
  • A full set of strips around the 88mm deck cannon and capstan
  • Improved pattern of slots around the 88mm deck cannon
  • Semi-circular holes on the wooden hatches on the aft deck
  • All the other deck details required to build an accurate deck

Another important feature of the sets is the four “flood” pieces, which correct the deficiencies in the free-flooding vents:

  • Front floods: the group of floods just behind the forward dive planes (2 pieces)
  • Rear floods: the group of floods just ahead of the read dive planes (2 pieces)

Our front flood pieces correct the sizing issue not addressed in other sets.


  • saddle tanks hatch covers
  • sacrificial anodes
  • one-piece wooden tower seat for tower
  • brass nameplate (for first few runs only, see below)

The set includes a 20-page instruction booklet and part identification guide. A scale plan is also included to show placement of saddle tank hatch covers, strips around 88mm and the strips around the capstan.



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