Detail Set for SN Type II Uboat 1:72

AMP upgrade set for super-detailing


328 parts

AMP set 72-01 is a multi-media set designed to correct and improve Special Navy’s 1/72nd Type IIA U-boat model kit. The Special Navy model is an excellent kit, but like all injection moulded kits it has areas that can be improved. Although a combination of plans and period photos have been used, we have taken great care to rely upon assessment of period photos wherever possible in the research and design of this set.


Detail Set for SN Type II Uboat 1:72
72-01 1:72 Special Navy Type II €54.95 + 7.95



With a combination of the AMP set and the Special Navy kit, you can build an exceptionally accurate Type IIA model. The set consists of the following:

Photo-etch brass (328 parts in total)

Fret 1 comprises of two brass deck sections to replace the kit deck. Considerable care and time was expended in the deck design. Reference to period photos was made throughout the design stages. The AMP deck features corrected main slot sizes (width, length and space between slots) and a much improved deck pattern. Foldable tabs are included along the sides of the deck sections for ease of fitting and improved adhesion to the hull.

thick deck fitted deck


Fret 2 comprises of 164 parts (hull 30 parts; outside tower 19 parts; inside tower 54 parts; deck and jumping wire 61 parts). The fret includes hatch scribe templates, drill templates, tower seats, bulwark strengtheners, parts to build a magnetic compass, parts to improve the hatch, jumping wire supports and tensioners, bollard bases and tops, fairleads, markers and an air identification plate. One notable flaw in the Special Navy kit is that the free-flooding vent holes are a hybrid of the Type IIA and the Finnish museum boat Vesikko. Our set corrects the Vesikko-only features in favour of parts that are prototypical of the Type IIAs. Many of the AMP hull parts have the holes arranged in pairs, as was the case on the real boats.

thick sheet main


Fret 3 is a smaller fret with 8 ventral door pieces, 4 deck seats and one nameplate.

thick ventral


Fret 4 is a thinner fret with 143 parts (hull 35 parts; outside tower 50 parts; inside tower 22 parts; deck 36 parts). The fret includes metal deck hatches, deck hinges, bow number plates, UT circles, GHG circles, foghorn base, railing supports, fairleads, and other pieces of extremely small size. The two sections of deck at the bow and stern are included. As these are the incorrect length on the kit, the AMP deck sections reflect their true length in 72nd scale. These sections, and the 8 metal deck hatches, all include anti-slip bumps (0.15mm in diameter) on the top surface.





Resin (6 pieces)

The ventral area is missing from the keel of the Special Navy kit. To deal with this omission, we have included two 63mm-long resin pieces in our set. There are also two resin wedges to assist in the fitting of the deck, plus a voicepipe and a foghorn.

resin2 resin2 resin2



The waterslide decal sheet, printed by Fox Transfers, consists of the following white markings: waterline draft numbers (6 sets 3 per side); tower U-numbers for U 2, U 4 and U 5; U-numbers for the tower lifebelts. NOTE: These decals are only available as part of this set; they cannot be bought separately.




Two fabric flags of the early tricolour with cross design are included (Reichsmarine to May 1935).

tricolour flags



A brass “Type IIA U-Boat” nameplate is included in fret 3.



The 1/72nd plan is printed on A2 sized paper. On the plan there is a side profile to allow the modeller to accurately position the AMP parts on the kit hull, a top view of the deck to allow placement of the deck parts, and six tower side profiles. Click here to download plan (2.8meg PDF).

type II plan



A 28-page booklet, with around 45 drawings, is printed in A4 size. In addition, there are four A4 sheets with enlarged views of every brass part in the set. Click here to download instructions (also available in LIBRARY)

For more information, download the instructions and the plan using the links above. These PDFs illustrate the full scope of the AMP 72-01 set.



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