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Formerly U-Brass, AMP produce accurate and well-researched detail sets and accessories to help make your models outstanding miniatures. Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Please contact us at: info@amp-modelparts.biz

We strive to serve the modelling community by freely sharing our research material with fellow modellers. This material can be found in our books section and on our discussion board: AMP Forum




January 13, 2019

We are moving to a hi-tek server! And once we're there, we're going to have a makeover. We need to stay hip and cool, and make things easier for you! We MAY (probably) will be down for a few days. No worries, just tech stuff. Orders may be...odd. If you do not receive instructions/confirmation back within 12 hrs of ordering, do not panic.



November 2018

Günther Prien and U-47: The Bull of Scapa Flow, by Dougie Martindale of Accurate Model Parts, is currently available from Frontline Books in the UK and US Naval Institute Press in other regions.

For full story and the BBC Radio interview with Dougie, go to BOOKS.



20 September 2018

Yes, another break. So many naps to get in...Production will be shut from Friday 21 September through 3 October. Any orders during this time won't be seen until the 4 October. We are looking at a way for decals to continue, but are unsure if this can happen. Apologies for any inconvenience.



16 August 2018

Production will be shut until Tuesday 21 August. Any orders before that time won't be seen until the 21st. Apologies for any inconvenience.


NEW PRODUCT - Fuel Drums 1:72

14 May 2018

US and Germnan WWII fuel drums

AMP now offer Fuel Drums in 1:72 scale. Many other scales, such as 1:35, 1:48, 1:76 and 1:87 are available from various sources, but it is difficult to find 1:72. AMP drums come in a set of four, either 4x US 55 gallon (2 top caps), or 4xGerman 200 litre (top and side cap). While the drums are WWII style and modelled after US/German drums, they can be mixed and used for any time period, including today, as metal drums (just not the modern plastic style).



1 Jan 2018

We have a new cutter! That means SPACE SHUTTLE WINDOWS and GATO BOW LIMBER HOLES are available again.




1 Jan 2018

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4 April 2017

We can no longer ship to the following countries without prior special arrangement (registered mail at added expense):

  • Unfortunately too many orders have been lost to these countries, and we have replaced them free of charge.

    Once we hand over a package to the postal system, it is beyond our control. Tracking is not incuded in standard mail, and the post office charges an extra €20.00. Tracking is not always available to the listed countries.


Type VIIC 1:72 PE DECK set

16 September 2014  • 

New Type VIIC deck
Type VIIC DECK for Revell 1:72 is here

AMP’s 168 piece photo-etched brass set, designed to correct and improve Revell’s 1/72nd Type VIIC U-boat model kit, is now available after years of ongoing of research. Our set consists of five deck sections, along with all the required deck details, to allow the entire deck to be replaced. Rather than rely on inaccurate plans, we have taken great care to rely exclusively upon assessment of period photos to design the deck. The four main flood pieces for the hull are also included - these are the bow and stern sets, which have never been accurate on the model or after market parts.

Main flood detail




Type IX U boat Decal Sets

18 February 2014  • 

Moving U 505
Moving U 505

Revell has released another fine u boat model, the Type IX in 1:72 scale. Perhaps the most famous Type IX is U 505, captured in 1944 and now restored and housed in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. (The exhibit, and the museum, are WELL worth the effort of visiting!)

WATERLINE - Our AMP decals are direct replacements for the inaccurate Type IX waterline decals on Revell kit RV050114. Each waterline number on the AMP design has one numeral, as per the real Type IXs, whereas the Revell kit decals have two-digit numerals.

waterline decal sheet Type IX
Waterline Decal Sheet Type IX

SHELL - The decal sheet for Revell kit RV050114 contains a U 505 shell emblem with a red shield. The red shield is entirely unsuitable for U 505. The AMP decal set (T9-SHELL-72) is a direct replacement, allowing modellers to accurately depict U 505 during her final patrol when she was captured by US forces.

U 505 Shell Insignia decal
U 505 Shell Insignia Decal




Space Shuttle Window Set

22 April 2012  • 

AMP Flight Deck Shuttle Windshield
AMP multi-layer windshield

Flight Deck window sets (Windshields, Top and Cargo Bay) are now available for all 1:72 scale Space Shuttle kits. These are easy-to-glue PLASTIC sets, in white styrene with clear panes. They are multi-layer just like the full size real ones. Designed from the 1,160 page NASA document, Shuttle Crew Operations Manual

Compare to the standard kit windshield:

Original kit windshield
Original kit windshield
Real shuttle windshield
Real shuttle windshield
shuttle set parts
Shuttle Set parts




TYPE II set back in stock

5 March 2013  • 

AMP’s 328 piece PE and Resin set for the 1:72 Special Navy Type II uboat. Make your model come alive with accurate parts and features and extras. 4th Production Run, back by demand. See FULL ARTICLE for info and photos.

72-01 Type II complete set

ORDER NOW: €54.95 + shipping



26 December 2012  • 

The Revell Gato is molded in the Electric Boat bow limber pattern, but there were 4 others, all variations of Portsmouth. Each 2-piece set (port/starboard) is plotter-cut from .010” (0.25mm) sheet styrene, making installation much easier than with photo-etch parts. Download GATO BOW LIMBER VARIATIONS to find what pattern your boat had (also available in BOOKS/USN SUBS). €7.95 + Postage

Bow Limber sets - EB sample

Bow Limber sets


U 201 SNOWMAN DECALS now available

20 May 2012  • 

U 201 (Type VIIC) wore many different isignia during her career. Decals are now available in 1:35, 1:72, an 1:144. For more details, download Dougie Martindale’s detailed article U 201 Remscheid & The Snowman, in the BOOKS section.

Snowman A insignia decal sheet
Snowman A Decal Sheet


Snowman B insignia decal sheet
Snowman B Decal Sheet


Snowman C insignia decal sheet
Snowman C Decal Sheet


Snowman 144 insignia decal sheet
Snowman 144 Decal Sheet


An Illustrated Guide to Uboat Research

16 February 2012

An amazing collection of original drawings, all meticulously researched and created by talented artist and researcher Simon J. Morris. If you want to build a full-sized uboat that is exacly as accurate as the real thing, download this book!

Available in the AMP LIBRARY / BOOKS section under “Uboats”.

download illustrated uboat research


1:350 scale FABRIC FLAGS now available

14 January 2012

The rich detail and texture of fabric flags are available in 1:350 scale. AMP now offer fabric flags for the major WWII navies: UK, USA, Germany, and Japan. Based on real sizes, these flags come in a set of 4 flags (4x 1 country) and are suitable for large battleships. See “1:350” in the flag tables on each relevant page.

1:350 fabric flags



7 August 2011  • 

“Open outer doors on bow tubes!” With the AMP Torpedo Tube/Torpedo Nose/Muzzle (outer) door set and the replacement torpedo shutters, you can stand by to sink some tonnage. Set includes the three major pieces. €9.95 + Postage

torpedo tube, torpedo nose, muzzle door


1 June 2011  • 

The Revell kit bow dive planes are generally acceptable, but have two major problems: too pointy (wrong outline), and too thick (wrong pofile). AMP planes:


diveplanes and rudder

NOTE: customer who purchased the Dive Plane BOW ONLY set can buy the rest (stern and rudder) for just €1.00 + Postage.


1 June 2011  • 

Some Gato and Balao boats had stern torpedo shutters, others did not. The Revell kit does not come with any, so AMP offer a resin set, including hull pieces.

stern shutter

real stern shutter

For a list of which boats had shutters, visit our Library and look at the document: GATO TORPEDO SHUTTERS: The Major Types.


26 February 2011

Historically the US $ (USD) has been very convenient for international trade. But for over 12 months the USD has been so weak that it has hurt AMP. We have now changed to the Euro (EUR).


We will maintain our reasonable prices for you, the modeller. Conversion rates are available at xe.com (also on the sidebar).


26 September 2010  • 

The USS SILVERSIDES, a highly successful and decorated WWII Gato submarine, a piece of history, is in danger. She needs to be dry docked for hull maintenance. It’s been 55 years since her last one, and now is the time to save her, before it’s too late. Find out how easy it is for you to help! FULL ARTICLE here.

DELUXE MultiMedia Set for SN Type II uboat

30 August 2009  • 

It’s here! AMP’s 328 piece PE and Resin set for the 1:72 Special Navy Type II uboat. Make your model come alive with accurate parts and features and extras. See FULL ARTICLE for info and photos.

72-01 Type II complete set

ORDER NOW: €49.95 + shipping