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All sets suitable for WWII (not post war)


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Accurate planes and rudder for Revell 1:72 kit

The Revell kit bow dive planes are generally acceptable, but have two major problems: too pointy (wrong outline), and too thick (wrong pofile). The kit stern planes are extremely inaccurate, and the rudder is a bit thick. AMP replacement planes correct defects:

  • Accurate OUTLINE, traced from close-up photos/plans
  • Accurate PROFILE (thickness and angles), traced from photos/plans
  • Surface detail (welds, strengtheners, oil canning, dings, etc.) from photos
  • Actual Gato/Balao plans used

AMP dive planes and rudder bring the little details to life with an accurate representation, yet still fit the Revell hardware (linkage parts).


diveplanes and rudder

NOTE: any customers who have purchsed the previous single BOW DIVE PLANE set can get the rest of this set for €1.00 plus shipping. Just send an email to:

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Thanks to Robert Morgan for sharing his excellent research

DOWNLOAD research document on what boats had what type of shutter (also available in LIBRARY)

Torpedo Shutters

Anything “Gato” (/Balao) means wild variation, numerous inconsistent exceptions, and individuality. The Torpedo Shutters are no different! RESEARCH your specific boat and time period to find out what shutters it (most likely/probably/possibly?) had. In general, the Shutter story goes something like this...


A long, scoop-like concave shutter, from bow piece through entire shutter door. A holdover from Tambor, seen mainly on early Electric Boat (EB) boats: SS212-214, SS215-221, and early Manitowac boats. Portsmouth-built Tambors/early Gatos had the flat-angled style shutters (termed “Balao” here).

valley concave shutter



A flat shutter body, but a spoon scoop at the hinge end, meeting a spoon scoop at the bow. The main flat was reinforced with a strengthener. The Revell Gato kit depicts these, though in a mishapen and totally inaccurate way. The kit is also modeled after the USS Cobia, which presently has Balao style shutters! (These may have been added later, the launching photos of Cobia are inconclusive). The spoons seem to be the rare type of shutter, limited to Mare Island boats and a few odd others.

spoon shutter



A flat shutter body with a flat, angled piece where the spoon used to be, meeting a flat-angle at the bow. Obviously easier to build, and probably quicker. A shutter like this was used in non-EB early Gatos and even some Tambors. Late Gatos and the Balaos had these shutters. Photos and plans show a much more complex shape then a “flat” body, the main feature being a very slight square and concave channel in place of the strengthener. But some illustrations and even a few photos show a convex stengthener, much like the mid range shutters, but very wide.

Balao flat angled shutter




The Revell 1:72 Gato kit is generally accurate, but can be improved, especially the shutters. The kit depicts a wildly inaccurate version of a type of shutter only used on a small number of boats.

amp shutters
AMP shutters with scratchbuilt track slots and linkage

Set comes with #1-6 Bow shutters in resin. Can be used in CLOSED position, OR in OPEN (with additional kit - USN-TORTUBE-072 Tube/Door/Deck)


real shutters
US Tullibee Shutters, Gato Bow - Warship Pictorial 28 - Gato Type Fleet Submarines by Steve Wiper
Used with permission - visit


revell kit shutters
Revel Kit Shutters (molded to hull)




Resin Balao Shutters. Includes bow pieces. Port and Starboard.




Resin Valley Shutters. Includes bow pieces and short bottom shutter “cheek”. Port and Starboard.


shutter animation


Torp Kit - Taped Test fit



1 June 2011  • 

Some Gato and Balao boats had stern torpedo shutters, others did not. The Revell kit does not come with any, so AMP offer a resin set, including hull pieces.

stern shutter

real stern shutter

These shutters are offered for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and will NOT be available after 15 JUNE 2011, except by custom special order. €9.95 until 15 June, after this as a custom order, €16.25.

For a list of which boats had shutters, visit our Library and look at the document: GATO TORPEDO SHUTTERS: The Major Types.


7 Aug 2011  • 

“Open outer doors on bow tubes!” With the AMP Torpedo Tube/Torpedo Nose/Muzzle (outer) door set and the replacement torpedo shutters, you can stand by to sink some tonnage. Set includes the three major pieces. €9.95 + Postage

torpedo tube, torpedo nose, muzzle door


26 Dec 2012  • 

The five different patterns for bow limber holes are available individually (Electric Boat and four Portsmouth). Each 2-piece set (port/starboard) is plotter-cut from .010” (0.25mm) sheet styrene, making installation much easier than with photo-etch parts. Download GATO BOW LIMBER VARIATIONS to find what pattern your boat had (also available in BOOKS/USN SUBS). €7.95 + Postage

Bow Limber sets - EB sample

Bow Limber sets


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